Hey Guys! I know it’s been a long time since I didn’t uploaded a new original song on YouTube.. don’t worry, I won’t stop writing songs! I’m just taking a lil ”original songs break”.. BUT I’ll still do covers!:).. I just wanted to stop for a moment.
Thanks for understanding & your support means a lot to me!!
love u guys ♥



Welcome to the official website of Amasic!

Amasic is a “one man band” – Janick Thibault.
Janick plays all the instruments: Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drums, he sings,
writes his own songs, AND records all of his music by himself.

On this website you can find FAQ page, info about Janick Thibault and Amasic, cool videos,
awesome pics, downloads, many links, and an epic page where you can learn how to play
Amasic songs on the guitar. Thank You for your support!

Everything on this website labeled original – copyright to Janick Thibault.