Janick Thibault was born in August 15, 1994 (17 years old).
He has become internationally recognized for his videos on YouTube, which have
received over 8,430,000 views to date.
Janick lives in Canada, province of Quebec, in Laval city. He started to play the
guitar when he was 11 years old, because when he was young, he wanted to be like
the lead singer of Green Day – Billie Joe Armstrong.
Later he also started singing.

Janick was playing in a band name “Electrical” with his neighbor (The Drummer) and his friend
(The bassist). All three of them loved Green Day, so they decided to do Green Day tribute shows.
Two years later, the other members quit playing music because they listened to RAP music…
but Janick still wanted to play Rock.
The only way to keep playing music without band members as to create a
“one man band” – AMASIC. Janick started to write his own songs, and the first song
he wrote was the song “You”. He wrote it at the age of 13. One day, he found the website
“YouTube”. So he uploaded covers first, and then original songs!

Now we all know him as a one man band – AMASIC!
He plays all the instruments, sings, writes his lyrics and music.

The name “Amasic” was created from the words: Amazing + Music.

Things Janick Uses To Create Videos:
Electric Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Junior & Charvette
Acoustic Guitar: Yamaha FG-331
Bass: No name.
Keyboard: Optimus MD-1600
Guitar Amp: Marshall Valvestate S80, 80 watts.
Bass Amp: Traynor 100 watts.
Microphone: Audio Technica AT2020, and Audio Technica ATM41HE.
Camera: Canon ZR-960.
Computer: Macbook Pro.

To record his guitar and bass he uses a Line 6 POD X3.
To plug his microphone to the computer he uses an M-Audio fast track pro soundcard.
He records all with Logic Pro 9. For video editing Janick uses Final Cut Express 4.


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